If you are a nut lover, then you must be having all kinds of tools to crack those nuts having kernels inside them that are tangy and tasty. The unappetizing or unflavored kernels of the nuts could just leave you gloom as they don’t look good, or have their natural aroma decreased. Cracking a nut at appropriate angles is an art. The worlds’ toughest nuts could now be cracked with an ease using a fine quality nut cracker. A nut cracker could let all young and old to enjoy the taste of the nuts that too served in a presentable manner.

The macadamia nut cracker is known for its designs and precision and ease they provide to their users. The nut crackers designed by us for more than 10 years in our extensive workshop are made in food grade stainless steel and the base is made of macrocarpa timber wood with exquisite grains. The design of this nut cracker is such that it produces whole kernels by segregating without crushing the nut surrounded by the hard shell. Most of our nut crackers are used by bakers, sweets makers, or oil extraction companies. The macadamia nut hand cracker is used in household or small industries; however one must be very careful while buying our nut crackers as a lot of imitation products are also available in the market.

The macadamia nut cracker could be great decorative material for your drawing room too. There are a lot of artistic yet highly precise nut crackers that are available with us. There are standard and precision range nut cutters some of them require each nut to be placed between the cavities of the cracker and pressed by hand. This may lead to crushing of nut or even sometimes harder thrust could extract the oil too. Our equipments come with a list of instruction as to when to harvest the nuts or make them dry before removing the shell from the kernels. Macadamia is also known as Crackadamia cutter, there are a few imitation names which one must take care before they buy the original nut cracker. One could now break all the nuts that are grown in their orchards with an ease and perfection.

Some of the imitations could de-husk or crack the nut, the Macadamia is not just a name but are real practitioners in the agricultural industry for almost a decade. You could write to us to know more about the equipment at info@crackadamia.com or call us at 09-810-739. You could also get latest updates on what is happening around the global market of nut crackers then visit our website http://macadamianutcracker.co.nz/ for more.